Cast & Crew

Sandy McLeod Director, Sandy McLeod is an award-winning, independent filmmaker whose 25-year career encompasses most major elements in filmmaking. Her directing and producing career began in the early days of music videos working with artists and filmmakers such as Talking Heads, UB40, Bruce Springsteen and Roy Orbison. She directed a short film for Saturday Night Live called DOLL DAY AFTERNOON which became a cult favorite and has appeared in museums across the country. She produced, directed and wrote segments of an AIDS awareness project RED, HOT AND BLUE that aired on CBS and is in the permanent collection of MOMA. Working with the Talking Heads, she conceptualized and directed a video that appeared in the New York Film Festival. As visual consultant for the concert film STOP MAKING SENSE, McLeod worked with Demme and Jordon Crownenweath to establish textural elements of this landmark film. She production designed Spaulding Gray's SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA and collaborated with Demme on a Channel 4 documentary for Channel 4, HAITI, and DREAMS OF DEMOCRACY. Sandy was second-unit director on John Sayles' films LIMBO and SILVER CITY.
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Producer, Gini Reticker is an award winning documentary filmmaker who has been producing and directing independent films for the past decade. Her latest film, the IFC feature documentary In the Company of Women, chronicles and celebrates the contributions of women in independent film. It's Sundance premier this January was Reticker's fifth film at the festival. Last year she produced, the Ted Demme, Richard La Gravenese directed A Decade Under the Influence (IFC), which also received a 2004 National Review Board Award. Her other films include New School Order, which she produced and directed in 1997, the 1994 Sundance Freedom of Expression Award winner The Heart of the Matter, (director) and Live Nude Girls Unite!, (executive producer).

Gini Reticker traveled to Ghana in 2001 to produce the Academy Award nominated short documentary Asylum.

Before becoming a producer and director, Reticker worked as a film editor, on the groundbreaking documentary Roger & Me, as well as The Awful Truth: The Romantic Comedy, for PBS and Fire From the Mountain, which premiered at the New York Film Festival, and played at the 1987 Sundance Film Festival before being nominated for an Emmy Award.


Executive Producer, Deborah Shaffer has been producing and directing award-winning social issue and human rights documentaries for over 20 years, including THE WOBBLIES (New York Film Festival 1979), WITNESS TO WAR (Academy Award 1986), FIRE FROM THE MOUNTAIN (Sundance 1988), DANCE OF HOPE (Sundance 1990), and most recently FROM THE ASHES - 10 ARTISTS (Sundance 2002).


Executive Producer, Natalie Reuss has been producing award-winning documentaries about women's health and labor for public television. Among her credits are OUT OF THE DARKNEWW (Emmy Award, 1999), BLAZES OF LIGHT (Emmy nominee, 2001) and PROUND TO BE A GIRL. Her independent films include CAROLINA UNDERGROUND and THE ANDREYEVS OF BRIGHTON BEACH.


Director of Photography, Ellen Kuras has won the Best Dramatic Cinematography Award at Sundance an unprecedented 3 times, for SWOON (1992), for ANGELA (1995) and for PERSONAL VELOCITY (2002). She has shot dozens of independent features and documentaries, including FOUR LITTLE GIRLS and SUMMER OF SAM directed by Spike Lee and BLOW directed by Ted Demme.


Director of Photography, Kirsten Johnson has wide-ranging documentary credits to her name, including the 2002 Sundance documentary premieres DERRIDA, AMERICAN STANDOFF, and THE TWO TOWNS OF JASPER.


Editor, Kate Taverna has been making documentary films as editor, animator and director for 23 years. She co-directed and edited LODZ GHETTO (European Film Critics Award, 1989) with Alan Adelson. She has edited nearly 40 documentaries, narrative shorts and features, ranging from Emmy Award-winning films in the Bill Moyers CREATIVITY and WALK THROUGH THE TWENTIETH CENTURY Series, a film portrait of Sam Shepard for Great Performances and the BBC, and the feature documentary PISTOL PETE AND THE RODEO QUEENS by director Douglas Keeve.